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Pachislo Slot Machine Ver. 1.0 


Operations / Maintenance / Modifications / Troubleshooting 

i- *■*'■ ' i 

novembre 26, 2006 

Version (1.0) 

Pachislo Slot Machine Ver. 1 .0 2 


OBJECT OF THE GAME: The object of the game is to line up winning symbols 
by stopping the spinning reels one-at-a-time. 

1.0 Game Set-up and Preparation: 

1.1 Open the Main Door 

Unlock and open the front door with the key provided by your retailer (this key 
will be found somewhere in the packing materials - in the bags with the slot 
tokens or connected to the spin handle on the front of the slot machine). Inspect 
the exterior for any obvious damage to the machine. Make a note of any damage 
to the exterior before proceeding. Inspect the interior for any loose wiring, excess 
packing materials, and obvious damage caused during shipping. If you find any 
damage, save all packing materials and contact the company you purchased the 
machine from. They will instruct you on their procedure for repairs, replacements 
and returns. 

1.2 Plugging in Your Slot Machine to AC 

Plug the external AC power cord into a 120 Volt AC outlet (standard U.S.A. 
outlet). It is preferable to plug your unit into a UL approved surge protector (e.g. 
such as the ones you use with your computer). This will protect your Slot 
Machine from power surges and allow you to turn the machine on and off without 
opening the door each time. Remember - your slot machine has circuit boards and 

Pachislo Slot Machine Ver. 1 .0 3 

is a computer on its own accord. When the slot machine is not in use or being 
attended - unplug the machine or turn the surge protector off. 
Some machines are equipped with a power transformer that stays on all the time 
when the machine is plugged in. If your machine is equipped with one, it is 
usually located inside the cabinet near the coin hopper. It is a gold rectangular box 
with wires attached to terminals on both sides. DO NOT TOUCH the terminals 
when the machine is plugged in. This is live electric and touching the terminals is 
just like putting your finger in a socket/outlet. 

Do not seal openings/vents in the machine cabinet since this allows air to 
circulate around the electronic components. However, there might be a large 
opening - about the size of your hand in the centre of the back of the machine. 
This hole was created for your retailer to unlock the door initially before they had 
access to the exact key for your unit. You can close this opening if your like. 
Sometimes it is unsightly and you might like to fix this as a cosmetic feature. 
Unlike a computer, your pachislo slot machine does not have a built-in cooling 
fan. Sealing cabinet holes will cause your machine to overheat and is a fire 

Caution: Keep this machine and all electric/electronic equipment away from 
water. Never work on the inside of the machine with the power on. Remember - 
safety first! 

1.3 Removing & Loading the Payout Hopper 

Locate the payout hopper and remove it from the machine. If the hopper is 
connected to a wire harness be sure to disconnect it first. Also, some machines 
have a mechanism located at the base of the hopper to help hold it in place. 
Press down to release hopper, then slide hopper out of track. 

Pachislo Slot Machine Ver. 1 .0 

Loading the Hopper Insert at least 400 tokens into the top of the hopper, as this 
will load the hopper for payoffs 

1.4 Turning the Machine On 

Turn the machine power switch (located halfway up inside of machine on left 
side) to the ON position. The machine will go through a series of test procedures. 
When the INSERT MEDAL light flashes, the machine is ready for play. 

1.5 Setting the Credit/Collect Mode 

If the CREDIT display is lit (0), the machine is in the CREDIT mode. All 
subsequent winning will be added to the credit meter. If the CREDIT display is 
not lit, the machine is in the automatic payout mode. All subsequent winnings will 
be automatically dispensed in tokens by the hopper. To change between modes, 
press the CREDIT-COLLECT button while the machine is idle. You cannot 
change modes while the machine is in play or when tokens have already been 

Pachislo Slot Machine Ver. 1.0 

Not all machines will give you the option to change between credit and collect. 
On some of the newer machines - you are always in the credit mode up to 50 
tokens - unless you press the collect button. If you notice above - the credit 
button can be on either the left or right side of the machine - depending on the 
brand and model. 

2.0 Playing the Machine 

2.1 Insert Tokens 

Insert from 1-3 tokens. (1) token will illuminate the centre pay line, (2) tokens 
will illuminate the upper and lower pay lines, (3) tokens illuminate the diagonal 
pay lines. With all 3 tokens inserted, the maximum number of combinations are 
selected. These machines have a speed loaders which allows you to insert a stack 
of 20 tokens at one time. Just jiggle the stack of tokens to speed load! 

Pachislo Slol Machine Ver. 1.0 

2.2 Credit Meter 

At this time, if the machine is in the CREDIT mode, you may insert up to 50 
additional tokens for further play. The excess amount of tokens will be displayed 
in the CREDIT METER. Machine will not display more than 50 credits. Any 
tokens inserted when the CREDIT METER displays 50 will be rejected and will 
drop into the coin tray. When you have extra credits in the machine -just press 
the Max Bet button - and then spin the reels. 

2.3 Play Handle 

Press or lift on Play Handle - it may be black - or it may be light in a colour on 
other models. 

Pachislo Slot Machine Ver. 1 .0 

2.4 Skill/Stop Buttons 

As the reels spin, push the STOP burtons one at a time, in any order to stop the 
reels. The stop buttons may be lighted - or not - and may change colours! 

2.5 Winning Combination 

If a winning combination is "HIT", the corresponding win will automatically be 
paid out by the hopper or credited to the machines CREDIT display meter. If 
there are no credits on the CREDIT METER, insert 1-3 tokens to repeat game 

Pachislo Slot Machine Ver. 1.0 


2.6 Play Credit Button 

If the machine is being used in the credit mode, the PLAY CREDIT button may 
be utilized to credit a pay line, one at a time, assuming there are credits displayed 
on the CREDIT meter. 

Pachislo SIol Machine Ver. 1 .0 

3.0 Game Operation 

The machine has the capability of "HOLDING" (storing) 1-50 credits on the 
CREDIT display meter. Any win condition that exceeds the CREDIT meter limit 
of 50 will automatically be dispensed by the hopper in tokens. The SKILL-STOP 
buttons are operational ONLY when the "STOP" lights are lit over the buttons. 
Only one button may be pushed at a time. In case of a "JACKPOT" (777 on any 
illuminated pay line) up to 50 credits will be added to the CREDIT display meter 
with the remaining coins being dispensed by the hopper. When the machine 
senses an abnormal condition, the machine will "LOCK UP" (tilt) and a siren will 
sound. Refer to the TROUBLESHOOTING GUIDE for explanation of problems 
and correction procedures 

3.1 Bonus Game 

Occasionally during play a BIG CHANCE (777) combination or BONUS GAME 
combination is HIT, thereby guaranteeing the player a predetermined number of 
"WINS". The machine will initially pay out the amount listed for the combination 
(usually 15 tokens), then the machine will give you additional guaranteed wins 
during the next several plays. Depending on the bonus combination, several 
winning plays will occur, paying a maximum of approximately 500 coins when 
bonus play is complete. Bonus Games take place on the CENTER pay line only. 

BONUS GAME Combinations = 15 tokens + 8 guaranteed wins 

BIG CHANCE Combinations = 15 tokens + 24 guaranteed wins in 3 rounds. The 
big chance round is set up with 3 sets of 8 guaranteed wins, between round 1 and 
2 and also 2 and 3 you will notice the music changes and this is a bonus period 
with increased odds. This period continues until you hit a free game. It is possible 
to win up to 35 payouts (500 tokens) in the "Big Chance" play mode. 

CHALLENGE GAME (on some machines including Ward of Lights) allows you 
to play (1 to 3 tokens) up to 200 consecutive times with increased winning odds. 
If you enter the Challenge Game after the Big Chance round you will have a 
minimum of 150 spins with increased winning payouts. If you enter the 
CHALLENGE GAME you must finish ALL spins. The machine cannot be reset 
while in this mode! It can be turned off but when you turn it back on it will still be 
in the Challenge Game mode. 

Pachislo Slot Machine Ver. 1 .0 


After a 777 bonus game is complete, the GAME OVER light may flash. The 
machine must be reset. To reset the machine, insert barrel key into the front 
door and turn to the left. ONCE A MACHINE HAS ENTERED THE BONUS 

3.2 Changing Game Odds 

Pachislo Slot Machine Ver. 1.0 


Game odds are adjustable to 6 different levels. Viewing of the game odds can be 
inside the door or on the outside of the door, depending on the make and model of 
the machine. The one above shows the odds are set to the easiest - level 6. Odds 
levels do vary by machine. Here are the average winning odds per level: 

LEVEL 1=65-67% 

LEVEL 2=72-74% 

LEVEL 3=79-81% 

LEVEL 4=88-95% 

LEVEL 5=105-107% 

LEVEL 6=115-125% 

To Change Odds 

3.3.1 Get Machine into Idle Mode 

In order to change odds, machine must be in idle mode with no tokens or credits 
being played. Locate internal toggle switch (red tipped or silver with on/off tabs) 
or insert key into internal key switch (if your machine came with 2 keys). 
Machine must be turned OFF. Turn key clockwise or flip reset toggle switch to 

Pachislo Slot Machine Ver. 1 .0 12 

the "ON" or "ODDS" position. Turn main power switch ON to access 
programming mode. 

On the SAMMY models, the reset button (Blue) is located on the inside of the 
main door. 

On the OLYMPIA/HEIWA models the white button on the power supply box is 
the reset. 

3.3,2 Setting the Odds 

A number from 1 to 6 will be displayed on the CREDIT meter on the front door 
or on a display inside the door. Locate the reset button. This will be located on 
your power supply. On SAMMY brand models, the button is on the inside of the 
door only. 

Depress the button and notice movement of number being displayed on the 
credit meter. Once the desired level is displayed (1 to 6) pull "spin reels" handle 
(black or red knob on front door) down, like you are going to spin the reels, to 
lock odds level into machine memory. Turn key switch back or flip toggle to 
"OFF" or "PLAY" position. Machine should immediately initialize. You will 
know the machine initialized if the "Insert Medal" light starts flashing. If not, 
make sure you remembered to press down the "SPIN REELS" lever. 

If it still doesn't initialize, turn power to the OFF position, wait 15 seconds and 
turn power switch back to ON position. 

Machines with 4 or 6 reels On a pachislo slot machine the additional reels let you 
know when you are about to win they do not increase the payout. Some do it with 
LCD's / a fourth reel - or with WIN lights such as on the Babel machine. 

Pachislo Slot Machine Ver. 1.0 13 

ALL 4th REEL MACHINES - The 4th reel only spins to indicate you are going to 
win or to tease you into thinking you are going to win. The symbol the 4th reel 
stops on indicates the winning combination you are going to win on this turn. 
Some symbols are guaranteed wins and others do not pay any tokens/coins at all. 

FEVER QUEEN (6 Reels) - The top 3 reels only spin if you are going to have a 
winning combination. The 3 top reels let you know which combination you are 
going to win on the lower three wheels. If you get a king, jack and 7 on the top 
reels that indicates on this turn you are going to win with one of those 
combinations on the lower 3 reels. As you play you will notice 7's begin to 
display on the top 3 reels. When you have 3-7's on the top reels you are going to 
hit the big bonus very soon. 

LAS VEGAS - The roulette reels main purpose is to keep the player in the seat 
and it does spin randomly. 

TOM CAT - This reel spins to get you ready for the bonus round and add to the 
excitement - however - don't expect to win every time it spins! 

BABEL - The 4th reel on this model will spin to 7 when you are going into 
winning mode. You can hit 3 7's without it being on 7 - but when it hits 7 on the 
top reel - you will win soon! 

CLUB RODEO - A real fun machine - has a LCD next to the reels. It talks and 
makes exciting graphics - however if it shows a 3 - you will have a small win and 
if it shows a 7 - you will have a big win! 

At the end of the Big Bonus the wheel will spin again. If it stops on the 3 - 100 
chips the bonus period is over. If it lands on one of the games listed on the wheel 
(ex. fruit game) then the bonus period is extended. During the Big Bonus when I 
did not win an extended game on the wheel, all of my tokens were dispensed from 
the machine and the siren went off but no error code was displayed. Sometimes at 
the end of a Big Bonus the machines are set up to notify the casino it just paid off. 
The machine needs to be reset and this can be done by turning the main door key 
counter-clockwise (to the left). If this does not clear the siren it may be necessary 
to open the door and do a full reset. 

3.3.3 Safety Information 

WARNING: To reduce the risk of burns, fire, electric shock or injury to persons 

A machine should never be left unattended when plugged in. 

Unplug from outlet when not in use, and before putting on or taking off parts. 

Pachislo Slot Machine Ver. 1.0 


Close supervision is necessary when this machine is used by children, invalids or 

disabled persons. 

Do not operate the machine with the air openings blocked. Do not seal or cover 

opening on back and sides of machine. Excessive heating can occur and cause 

fire, electric shock or injury to persons. 

Never operate this machine if it has a damaged cord or plug, if it is not working 

properly, if it has been dropped or damaged or if it has been dropped into water. 

Always keep the power cord away from heated surfaces. 

Never drop or insert anything into any opening. Always unplug machine before 

attempting any service. 

Do not use outdoors. 

Do not use machine when standing on a damp floor, or when any part of the 

body is in contact with plumbing or any similar ground. 

To disconnect, turn all controls to the OFF position, then remove plug from 


This unit is designed to operate on standard 120 Volt 60 Hz house current. 

4.0 Troubleshooting 

The following section describes troubleshooting tips to help you determine a 
problem, if any. If you encounter a problem please contact the company you 
purchased the machine from. 

4.1 Machine does not power up 

Make sure machine is plugged into a 1 20 VAC outlet. Do not use an extension 
cord longer than 100 feet. It is best to use a UL approved surge protector as your 
extension cord - and you can also use it to power the machine on and off instead 
of having to open the front door each time. 

Pachislo Slot Machine Ver. 1 .0 15 

4.2 No Lights 

(fuse picture to be added) 

Make sure power switch is in the ON position. Check fuses. We check all 
machines before they leave our shop so this should not be a problem unless a 
fuse blows. Extra fuses are included in the Casino Kit. 

4.3 Machine does not accept Tokens 

Machine must be turned ON. Jackpot condition may have occurred if "GAME 
OVER" light is flashing. Reset machine by inserting barrel key in lower lock on 
front door and turn it to the left 

4.4 Machine keeps playing in bonus Game 

This may be normal, keep playing until the bonus game is complete. You may 
have to play as many as 250 spins to complete the Bonus Game (Big Chance 

4.5 Hopper will not pay out - Trouble Codes 

Check payout hopper, make sure wire harness is plugged in and secure. 
Check fuses. 

Make sure hopper is aligned with payout slot on front door. 

With use, the hopper collects dirt from the coins and needs to be lubricated. 
Unplug wire harness and remove hopper from machine. Remove all coins from 
the hopper. Spin hopper base (looks like a old telephone dial) in a clockwise 
direction to remove additional tokens/quarters then lightly spray area with WD- 
40. Spin hopper base with your hand until lubricant is evenly distributed and 
hopper spins freely. Put hopper back in machine and plug in wire harness. 

4.6 Trouble Code Displayed on Front Door of Machine: 

HE - Hopper Empty - Not enough tokens for payout. Add tokens to hopper. 

HO - Hopper Out - Hopper is out of tokens. Add tokens to hopper. 

HJ - Hopper Jam - Remove coin hopper. Unplug wiring harness and slide 

Pachislo Slot Machine Ver. 1 .0 16 

hopper out. Dump out coins, some coins will remain in the lower hopper area. To 
clear them, spin centre of hopper until all coins are free and hopper spins freely. 
Reset machine by depressing RESET switch 

See more error code at the end of the book 
4.7 Machine Volume too loud / too soft 

Adjust volume control switch located on: 

(1) Right side of speaker on inside of door near coin tray. 

(2) Or on the amplifier - follow the wires from the speaker to the circuit board - 
on that circuit board - you will see a small switch that will move to the left or 

- move the switch to the next position - test the sound. 

Make sure wire harness to speaker is connected. 

"OF Trouble Code" 

Machine needs to be restarted after bonus mode. 

Reset machine, in some cases you must reset the odds in order to clear this 


Reels hesitate or Don't Spin / Reels won't stop spinning with stop buttons 
Make sure all 3 wire harnesses to reel bundles are plugged in and secure. 
Manually spin reels to make sure they spin freely. The reels should spin freely 
with no obstruction. Reset machine by depressing the RESET switch. 

Reels won't stop spinning when the stop button is pushed: 

Stop buttons must be cleaned. Put Windex on a paper towel or use a baby wipe to 
clean the area where the buttons touch the bezel. Dirt tends to build up in the 
crevice so depress the button to clean this area. You can also use your fingernail 
with a baby wipe over it to clean around the buttons 

4.7.1 Volume Control Modification Instructions 

After switching the volume buttons - the volume is still too loud, you can add a 
resistive transistor (volume control knob) to each speaker. Installation of these 
parts is done at the owner's risk. However - I have done this to all of my 
machines - and it works well! The neighbours in the next apartment don't 
complain anymore. 

Here is a parts list and diagram for installation of an in-line volume control. 

Pachislo Slot Machine Ver. 1 .0 


Parts Required: 

* Radio Shack Part Number 271-215 "Mini Volume Control" ($2.99 USD) 

* Two short lengths of 20 ga. wire (in some units - 18 ga. Wire will suffice) 

* Two solder less connectors (butt joints - also available at Radio Shack) 

* Solder less connector crimping tool (pliers can be used if you are careful) 

* Soldering Iron 

* Flux Core Solder 

Installation of this volume control will void some sellers warranty on the sound 
system and associated parts. DO NOT OPERATE MACHINE WITH SOUND 

Pachislo Slot Machine Ver. 1.0 



4.8 Cleaning & Polishing Your Slot 

For Cleaning the outside Plastic parts of your Slot Machine, I use both NOVUS 


Plastic Clean & Shine as well as Kleenmaster Brillianize. Both of these are 

extremely safe for plastics, but they also add a nice shiny glaze to your plastic 

parts on your slot machine. They can also remove very small scuff marks. 

Novus Plastic Polish No. 1 (1-800-548-6872) gently cleans all plastics without 
scratching. It leaves a lustrous shine that resists fogging, repels dust, and 
eliminates static. It also protects against smudges and scratching. 

Directions — First, Remove surface dust with soft cloth. Second, Shake Novus 
bottle well, and apply a light mist of polish. Third, Spread the spray evenly over 
the entire surface of the plastic parts of the slot machine with a clean, soft, lint- 
free cloth. And finally, Buff with a clean, soft, lint-free cloth. This helps your slot 
resist dust! Also works great on other plastic parts around your home! 

Kleenmaster Brillianize ( 1 1-707-751-0656) makes your 
plastics surfaces brilliant - anti-static, repells dust and resists scratching & 
fingerprints. It is Alcohol & Amonia-Free and Non-Toxic! Originally made for 
motorcycle windshields - it works great on slot plastics! 

Directions ~ Shake Container. Apply evenly to any hard, shiny, non-absorbent 
surface at room temperature. Rub gently with a Soft Cloth. Before surface dries, 
polish with a dry soft cloth or similar non-damaging material, until the surface 
feels "as smooth as ice ". I highly recommend using an old cotton t-shirt - works 
great for polishing! 

Pachislo Slot Machine Ver. 1.0 19 

4.9 Removing Scratches from your Slot Machine 

I highly recommend Novus 2 for Fine Scratch Removal or Novus 3 for more 
abrasive scratch remover. These are abrasive - but you use them as if you were 
polishing and removing scratches from your car. Novus #2 is for fine scratches 
and abrasions, and Novus #3 is for larger scratches. If you use Novus #3 - you 
will then have to use Novus #2 and #1 in that order to polish out to a clear 
brilliant shine. Be sure to read the complete instructions as well as the warning. I 
am not responsible if you mess up. However, it is quite easy to do and it is the 
system most of the slot restorers use. You can find these at most stores that handle 
plastics - but I recommend you do a google 

search for the item and compare prices - there is quite a difference in prices for 
these polishes. You should be able to get a bottle for about $4 each if you shop 
wisely on the internet. 

5.0 Convert Your Machine to Accept Quarters 

It is the owner's responsibility to determine if it is legal in your state/county to 

convert your machine to accept quarters. 

Due to the fact that some coin hoppers can't handle quarters, only the following 

brands can be converted successfully: 

Universal/ Aruze/Macy/Mizuho/Electrocoin/Yamasa/Olympia/Heiwa/Daido/NET 

All quarter conversions are done at the owner's risk. We do not guarantee that any 
machine can successfully be converted to accept quarters. We have only listed the 
brands above because we have had success in their conversion. Any damage 
caused by a failed conversion is the owner's responsibility. 

Determine the Coin Mechanism Type from the 3 main types of coin mechanisms 
below and follow the instructions for that type: 

Pachislo Slot Machine Ver. 1.0 


Type A - Universal/Electrocoin/Eleco/Macy/Aruze 

- » » 



Pachislo Slot Machine Ver. 1.0 

C - Olvmpia, Heiwa Machines 


5.1 Type A - Universal/Electrocoin/Eleco/Macy/Aruze 

1) Remove the Coin Deflector (Squeeze the sides gently and pull 

2) Remove the Coin Mechanism. Push the metal handle on the left hand side of 
the coin mechanism up until you can see that the coin mechanism has been 
released. Pull out on the left hand side of the mechanism. Remove from 
the machine. 

Pachislo Slot Machine Ver. 1 .0 22 

3) Unplug the Coin Mechanism from the Circuit Board. 

4) Loosen the Coin Track Screws on the Coin Mechanism. On the back side of 
the coin mechanism, loosen those two screws a couple of turns. 

5) Slide the coin Track Up. Turn the coin mechanism over. There is a spring- 
loaded cover on this side. Move it up and out of the way. You will notice a metal 
coin track that the coin rolls over. Move the coin track up and in line with the 
opening on the spring loaded cover. Move it slightly down from that point by 
tapping it down. Tighten screws that were loosened earler. 

6) Reassemble in the reverse order of the removal steps. Power machine up with 
the door open. Insert quarters in the coin slot and catch them on the inside with 
your hand. If the quarters are not rejected into the coin tray, your 
conversion was successful. These types of machines will accept quarters and 
tokens once the conversion is completed. If this If the coin is rejected, go back to 
Step 4 and redo step 4, 5 and 6. 

5.2 Type B Conversion: 

1) Follow the wiring harness from the coin mechanism - hold the circuit board 
and unplug the wiring harness. 

2) Using a Phillips head screwdriver, remove the two screws that 

secure the coin mechanism to the door. Be careful not to drop the screws. You can 
use a magnetized screwdriver — however be careful around the circuit board to 
prevent damage to the circuit board from the magnetized screwdriver. 

Pachislo Slot Machine Ver. 1.0 23 

3) Shim the Quarter drop area since a quarter is slightly smaller in diameter than a 
token. There is a window in the back of the coin mechanism that will cause a 
quarter to fall through the coin mechanism and return to the coin tray. Cut the end 
off of a small zip tie and put double sided tape on one side. Clean the area of the 
coin mechanism with denatured or rubbing alcohol 
and stick the zip tie under the hole in the back of the coin mechanism. 

4) Test it with a real quarter. Holding the coin mechanism at an angle, put a 
quarter in the entry and check that id won't fall through. If it doesn't fall through 
- your done! 

5.3 Type C Conversion (Olympia, Heiwa Machines)'. 

1 ) Remove the coin mechanism from the door of the machine. 

2) After removing it, turn it over to expose the reverse side. 

3) Loosen the screw above the yellow plastic and remove it. 

4) Flip coin mechanism back over and keep wires out of the way. 

5) Open plastic cover on coin mechanism 

6) Loosen top left screw the loosen top right screw. 

7) Push blue plastic piece down as far as it will go. 

8) Retighten the left screw while holding the blue plastic piece down. 

9) Retighten the right screw while holding the blue plastic piece down. 

10) Loosen lower centre screw and slide blue plastic piece with screw 
up as far as it will go and retighten screw. 

Pachislo Slot Machine Ver. 1 .0 24 

1 1) Reinstall coin mechanism in machine and plug wiring harness 
back in. Test with a real quarter. 

5,4 Type D Conversion (Yamasa): 

1) Unplug wires going to coin mechanism and remove it by loosening screw at 
position "B" and rotating out. 

2) Press in on the part labelled A and try to locate where the coin rolls 
through the mechanism. It should be right at the edge of the openings in A 

3) Clean the coin path with rubbing alcohol and using the smallest zip 

tie, cut most of the tapered end off. Cut the other end off, leaving the proper 
length for the surface where the quarter rolls down. Use super glue or contact 
cement to glue the zip tie over the line where the coin rolls down. Glue the 
smooth side of the zip tie down. 

4) Normally there is a taper (ramp) that can be used when the zip tie is trimmed. 
Try to locate this where the coin enters to prevent coins from hanging up. 

6.0 Building a Slot Stand for Pachislo Machines 

1 have a couple of samples of slot stands you can use - or you can modify and 
create your own - however there are a few items you need to include in your slot 
stand. It must be sturdy and be able to handle heavy weight - your Pachislo 
machine is anywhere from 80 to about 95 pounds. 

First - 1 designed a stand for my first 3 slots machines. I decided that I wanted a 
combination slot stand / curio cabinet - neat idea? Well I though so, and I am 
quite pleased with how it turned out. I wanted room between the machines for a 

Pachislo Slot Machine Ver. 1 .0 


drink or token cup. Therefore, I gave 24" for each slot machine - a total of 72" 
wide for three machines. 

Second - for standing in front of a slot machine or sitting on a bar stool - the 
common height is 32". I have found this is a real comfortable height. 

Third - it must be strong! And stable ! Even as strong as it can be - because 
Pachislo machines are top heavy unless you have a lot of tokens in them - you 
should fasten them to the stand with either a steel bar on the back from the cabinet 
to the slot or with a screw directly through the bottom of the slot machine to the 
cabinet. I usually go to Lowes or Home Depot and get a straight 4" metal bar - 
normally near the hinges in the hardware part of the store and fasten it to the back 
of the cabinet and also to the bottom of the slot 

Here is a picture of the finished stand: 

Note - there are dual glass doors on each side of the cabinet made of 1/4" glass 
and a glass shelf in the middle made of 3/8" glass. 

Here are the dimensions of the parts: 

Pachislo Slot Machine Ver. 1 .0 26 

Top Counter: 72"xl7" with 2 3/4" pieces of plywood glued together to 

Make a shelf thickness of 1 1/2" (for longer span and heavy Items on the counter.) 

Vertical legs (x3): 29 5/8" x 15" x 1.5" (This is also 2 pieces of 3/4" plywood 
Glued together - for added strength.) 

Bottom of stand: 16 1/4" x 72" x 3/4" (This is just the bottom for looks and 
Stability so I used a single piece of 3/4" plywood) 

Rear/back of stand: 68" x 30 1/4" x 1/8" (I used particle board and tacked this To 
the back - it looks good - is paintable - and provides Stability). 
I countersunk 2.5" screws from the top of the counter into the legs and from the 
bottom of the counter to the legs as well as wood glue (I used Titebond brand - 
but liquid nails or F-26 would work well also). I was painting - so a little wood 
putty covered the screws which were counter sunk. If you want to stain the 
cabinet - 1 would recommend you "peg" the legs on and glue them (you will need 
to use a good wood glue or F-26 and clamps to hold the stand together until the 
glue sets up) - about 12-18 hours. 

I put the back of the cabinet on with 3/4" tac/nails. This is just for looks and 
stability. If you have screwed and glued your cabinet together - it is already quite 

Glass Doors: 29 1/2" x 16 1/4" x 1/4" cut glass with smooth edges. 
This size will vary depending on the type of hinges for the glass 

You decide to use. There are 4 of these doors. 

Glass Shelf: 32 1/4" x 14" x 3/8" cut glass with smooth edges. 
The legs on each end are set in 1" on each end. The lamps are 25 W halogen 
purchased in the lighting department of Lowe's. The total price for the materials 
was $225 - with the glass being the most expensive. Next time I might add more 
support to use 1/4" glass instead of the 3/8" glass - there is a big price difference! 
Here is a picture of another stand I am working on for a single slot machine - it is 
a work in progress - so it's not finished yet: 

Pachislo Slot Machine Ver. 1 .0 


This stand is for a single slot machine - still using the Glass front and shelf 
theory. You could put a solid wood door easily. This one is: 

Here are the dimensions of the parts: 

Top Counter: 24"xl 7" with 2 3/4" pieces of plywood glued together to 

Make a shelf thickness of 1 1/2" (for longer span and heavy Items on the counter.) 

Vertical legs (x3): 29 5/8" x 15" x 3/4" (This is also 1 pieces of 3/4" plywood 
Since this is for a short span.) 

Bottom of stand: 16 1/4" x 23" x 3/4" (This is just the bottom for looks and 
Stability so I used a single piece of 3/4" plywood) 

Pachislo Slot Machine Ver. 1.0 28 

Rear/back of stand: 23" x 30 1/4" x 1/8" (I used particle board and tacked this To 

the back - it looks good - is paintable - and provides 


More on this stand when I finish it. 

7.0 Installing a "BANDIT" or Slot Machine Arm 

Note: Installing a Slot Machine Arm or "Bandit" arm is only for cosmetic 
purposes - it uses the same type of electronic trigger to spin the reels as the lever 
on the front of your machine. It will cost you about $79 for the arm kit and take 
you about 30 minutes to install it (maybe longer if it's your first arm kit)! 

When you get your "arm kit" it will come with a complete set of instructions. 
Read the instructions well and follow every step in order - you are going to be 
putting holes in your slot machine - and once the hole is there - well - the hole is 
there and you need to have it at the right place. Also, with a "bandit" arm - you 
will need to ensure that your Slot Machine is screwed or fastened some way to the 
stand it is on. With the slot machine being top heavy - the bandit arm pulls the 
machine forward a bit - and for 

safety - fasten your machine down. I haven't ever pulled one over - but with kids 
around, etc - safety first - always! 

You will need some tools for the kit that do not come with the kit. These include: 

1 1/4" hole saw - attaches to an electric drill 

5/16" wood drill bit 

Electric Drill or Drill/Driver 
1/2" open end wrench 

slotted screw driver 

small Robertson screw driver (yellow handle) available at Home 

Depot/Lowes or hardware store. 

Also, while following your instructions - make sure to check the location of the 

Pachislo Slot Machine Ver. 1 .0 29 

The arm kit lakes up about an inch of space on the inside of the right hand side 
wall of the slot machine. You will have to remove the hopper to do the 
installation but there must be enough clearance for you to replace the hopper once 
the arm kit has been installed. 

Some Japanese slot machines have a transformer installed to allow your slot 
machine to operate on 1 10 volt house current. Sometimes these transformers are 
mounted beside the hopper either on the bottom or right hand inner wall of the 
slot machine. It may have to be moved if it interferes with the mounting of the 
arm kit. The transformer is held on by 2 screws and there should be sufficient 
wire attached to it so you can mount it up on the side or back wall of the slot 
machine out of the way after your arm has been installed. 

Make sure you check the inside right wall of the slot machine to see if there is 
anything else that may need to be moved or removed before you start the 
installation. The inner right wall should now be flat and free of obstructions. 

You will also have to do some minor wiring to get your bandit arm connected into 
the same wires as your original switch on your machine. This is minor wiring - 
but be careful and follow your specific kit's instructions. 

Each kit has different instructions - so be careful and follow them step by step. 
You can do a google search for "bandit arm" and find several different ones. But I 
am not responsible if you mess up your machine. 

Pachislo Slol Machine Ver. 1.0 



A token slot is 


Push the button at the token slot 


A hopper is 

Turn off your machine, remove the hopper 
and take out all the tokens 



Check the hopper 

E-3/ (HE/HJ) 

A hopper is 

Refill the hopper 

E-4 (RR) 

RAM Error. 

Push the reset button. 


Reel error 

Restart the machine and push the reset button. 


Prize error 

Push the reset button 


Hopper overload 

Check the hopper. 



Check the cable 


A token slot is 

Need to be cleared and clean with alcohol. 
Then press the reset button. 


Pachislo slot secrets Manual ver. 4.0 

Pachislo Slot Machine Ver. 1 .0 31 

Instructions 2 

1 .0 Game Set-up and Preparation 2 

1.1 Open the Main Door 2 

1.2 Plugging in Your Slot Machine to AC 2 

1 .3 Removing & Loading the Payout Hopper 3 

1 .4 Turning the Machine On 4 

1.5 Setting the Credit/Collect Mode 5 

2.0 Playing the Machine 5 

2. 1 Insert Tokens 5 

2.2 Credit Meter 6 

2.3 Play Handle 

2.4 Skill/Stop Buttons 7 

2.5 Winning Combination 8 

2.6 Play Credit Button 9 

3 .0 Game Operation 9 

3.1 Bonus Game 9 

3.2 Changing Game Odds 11 

3.3.1 Get Machine into Idle Mode 11 

3.3.2 Setting the Odds 12 

3.3.3 Safety Information 13 

4.0 Troubleshooting 14 

4.1 Machine does not power up 14 

4.2 No Lights 15 

4.3 Machine does not accept Tokens 15 

4.4 Machine keeps playing in bonus Game 15 

4.5 Hopper will not pay out - Trouble Codes 15 

4.6 Trouble Code Displayed on Front Door of Machine: 15 

4.7 Machine Volume too loud /too soft 16 

4.7.1 Volume Control Modification Instructions 16 

4.8 Cleaning & Polishing Your Slot 18 

4.9 Removing Scratches from your Slot Machine 19 

5.0 Convert Your Machine to Accept Quarters 19 

5.1 Type A - Universal/Electrocoin/Eleco/Macy/Aruze 21 

5.2 Type B Conversion: 22 

5.3 Type C Conversion (Olympia, Heiwa Machines): 23 

5.4 Type D Conversion (Yamasa): 24 

6.0 Building a Slot Stand for Pachislo Machines 24 

7.0 Installing a "BANDIT 1 or Slot Machine Arm 28 

Error messages 30